Closing The Hook

Jess & Bridie

Three years and hundreds of reviews later, we have made the difficult decision to close The Hook.

Reviewing plays a vital role – we still ardently believe this. It’s the gift of attention and attentiveness, “I see, I hear you”, an apprenticeship for engagement, a continued conversation, a map of constellations, connections. It’s community service – archiving a moment in time, showing us and our cultural habitats back to ourselves. It’s an art-form in itself – crafting tangible experiences, visceral responses and thoughtful, often eloquent ‘digestions’ through words on a page.

But – and especially in this splintered corona age where what was no longer holds shape in the way it did before – things change. It’s tricky to find writers who can write freely, and well, when they have businesses to rescue, new jobs to find, or their priorities have now shifted. And that’s true also for us.

We will miss this project and the privilege. But we trust that letting go gives space for new initiative.

We acknowledge and pay homage to all our wonderful readers and supporters, our clever, diverse writers, community funders, and to all the artists, musicians, event creators and cultural inspirators who have gifted us in turn so much over the course of our endeavour.

We will keep our website and Facebook page up until March 2021, and there are a few last Hook TV offerings still in the pipeline.

But for now, that’s us. Thanks for the journey,

Jess and Bridie

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