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Friday 3 May 2019

Tomorrow is World Press Freedom Day, and we’re using this as an opportunity to raise awareness of what we do. We’re an independent review platform, now in our third year, dedicated to live arts and culture offerings in Hawke’s Bay.

Our online presence is small but persistent, and we want to grow strong, sustainable and fearless. As part of this, we want to get more people following our website (thehook.nz) and Facebook page (@thehook.nz).

A bigger audience for us means a bigger audience for all the galleries, theatres, makers, performers, musicians, artists, venues, organisers, curators and creatives we review… Not to mention a bigger audience for our writers who make THE HOOK what it is.

Over the last year THE HOOK published 193 reviews, covering gigs at close to 50 different venues in Hawke’s Bay, powered on a gift economy of aroha and in-kind exchange.

On Friday 3 May, we’d love you to give us a shout-out on social media and encourage your people to Hook Up With The Hook @thehook.nz, and sign-up to our RSS feed or newsletter on our website.

We will be doing a roadshow of Hook-Ups which we’ll Facebook Live. Join us IRL or tune in to ‘HOOK TV’ @thehook.nz. We have chocolate to share thanks to Le Petite.

Here’s a rough idea of where we’ll be, with stuff happening in and around these Hook-Ups (for an up-to-date, in-the-moment itinerary check FB):

The Art Shed (Bay View) – 9am

Tennyson Gallery (Napier) – 10.30am

Wardini Books (Havelock North) – Lunch

Keirunga Creative Hub (Havelock North) – 1.30pm

Muse Gallery (Havelock North) – 3.30pm

Theatre HB (Hastings) – 5pm

Common Room (Hastings) – 6pm

A massive thank you to all our supporters, believers and writers, and for all those doing the good work in the name of press freedom!

Jess & Bridie

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