James Nokise – Talk a Big Game

5 October, Green Room
Fringe in the ‘Stings 2017

James Nokise is my cousin. Well, I can’t actually prove that but, being a
Samoan, I’m going to claim him as that. Before Australia does.

We all know Nokise by now, his intelligent cheek and political satire, his
Edinburgh Fringe Festival success and of course, his fondness for finding
trouble in Havelock North. He is in Hastings again for the Fringe in the ‘Stings
performing three shows of his latest act Talk a Big Game.

Post the crappy election, I feel more than ready to lighten up about politics
and he is just the cuz for the job. His show is well-structured and although
focused on sports, he craftily sheds light on the link between politics and
sport. He says he’s retired from joking about politics, but has he really? It’s
more like he’s shifted the angle, and the fine focus. A multilateral approach
you could say. Through sports, Nokise addresses beyond central government
politics, bringing the politics of gender, social inequality, race and body politics
into the scope. He’s always done this too, but the sports side brings a clean
structure and easy depth. I don’t just laugh, but guffaw at his punchlines.
Listening to him is like sitting up all night laughing until my cheeks are sore
with a bunch of my cousins. So that must make us cousins.

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