Magic Landscape – enchanting works from the world of myth and dream: Leonard Lambert

April 7 – 20 at C.A.N.

Presented in the main gallery at CAN, exhibition Magic Landscape is a solid body of small sized works from Leonard Lambert.

Collectively there is a persuasive energy to another realm with these works, which also convey a nod of resilience to real landscapes and ways of being.

Lambert’s palette is strongly established, working in hues of earthen colours and conveying a night-like undertone, uncomfortable at times. On the day I visited, which happened to be raining, this was well suited the whimsical mood of comfort I was after.

The works are painted primarily in dilute oil paint and mixed media on paper or board. The light treatment of the oil with movement, thinning, wiping and brushing leaves us viewing certain statements of isolated worlds, both human and natural and the work titles give way to further relations.

This is gestural and indicative work, pinpointing many iconic symbolisms that are apparent throughout human temperament and our collective sense of being. There are further consistencies that tell us perhaps about the artist himself, his poetic translations of identity, and his certainty of view.

I liked the eccentricity of many of these works, they raise a sense of nostalgia to place, and dreamy memory conveyed through his reflective portrayal of singular landscapes and relationships we have with the world, when awake and asleep: one man surrounded by his world, the lone trees, the ships hill, and a hut in a field, all render to a still point.  More than this though was the feeling I had momentarily watched a somewhat enchanting story of unique people, un-surveyed lands and oceans and golden fields of shimmering grasses.

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