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Public Service Announcement

By Jess Soutar Barron and Bridie Freeman Rock

These are things that have not been postponed or cancelled:

  • Ringing a friend everyday to tell them what you think
  • Reading back on The Hook and remembering what we thought!
  • Writing that play for one voice
  • And, performing it on the lawn
  • Reciting poetry out your car window
  • Dusting off the trumpet and giving it a blast
  • Body painting (just boil the brushes after)
  • Making art with whatever you have for as long as you can
  • Then giving yourself a rave review.

Theatres will reopen, Shows will go on, Artists will create, Curators will collate, and when we’re all back to normal we’ll be so hungry for art and culture that we’ll be the best audience there ever was. See you whenever that is.

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