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HBAF19 /
25 October, Spiegeltent /
By Megan Seawright

The Get Down DJ’s, namely Lil B, DLT and Chopper Reeds, of local, national and international reputes, boomed their base beats for people to kick up their heels tonight as the small committed crowd grew quickly in size on the dance floor. It was a great way to loosen up at the end of the week. The guys rotated around the decks with familiar ease and seamless confidence – a groove of funk-laden soul, base lines and overlay influences from jazz to hip hop. A complementary trio. Yes, these are the cool sounds of the 1980-90s and further back old school, dance hall and club scenes. The crowd was loving it.

The Spiegeltent really is a true dance hall style space, with its wooden floors, circular mirror walls and the typical bench seating. I wanted more people to fill it, it can take the numbers. After all this is a free event, so bring it on people!

And what’s not to love, there is various lighting licking against everyone’s movement, and moments when dry ice hazed around the DJs rendering them smoky with a sense of being ready to explode. Still, they flicked out their vinyl from their boxes, a quick visual display ready for the next mix.

Typically, the crowd knew the music and the DJs added their ambience. Jams like Snaps’ ‘I’ve got the power’, M.A.R.R.S ‘Pump up the volume’ and James Brown’s ‘Get up offa that thing’, really brought out the dance give-aways, as did the few moments of dancehall reggae and classic hip hop. There’s not much to fault if you’re into this zone of music.

The crowd lagged when the track beats lingered too long. The trick is – DLT, Chopper Reeds and Lil B offered dancers no pause, so they did change down the pace at times. On the stage in their own DJ worlds – musically this was wonderfully smooth, while dancing, there were occasional moments of ‘come on, I want more’ (Pump up the Jam). Perhaps people were impatient.

The round off was majesty herself, Nina Simone. A great night out, The Get Down carried a true sense of community, people gathering to dance or sit and watch and have the odd drink. Everyone left smiling, a bit bouncy, and content. Life is so busy…. Don’t forget to dance.

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