What’s Hooked Us?


We’re looking forward to the communal hearth and introspective pleasures of story this midwinter in all the myriad forms on offer, from live theatre, poetry readings, art exhibitions, song, to the humble book:

Ahead of sold-out shows in Christchurch and Brisbane, HaBYT’s theatre piece Over the Top opens tonight (29 June – 1 July), based on true WWI stories of families from Hawkes’ Bay. While Napier Operatic Society is preparing for their musical Blood Brothers  (7-29 July).

The big story at the MTG is their freshly opened cubism exhibition, telling the tale of a modern art movement and its influence on New Zealand artists, such as Colin McCahon, from 1930-1960.

At Arts Inc., Hastings, Beneath the Static will convey the visual journey of two artists’ personal experiences with mental illness (3-15 July), with other exhibits at local galleries sharing equally compelling visual narratives.

We’re looking forward to an afternoon poetry reading at Beattie & Forbes by touring NZ poets Airini Beautrais and Maria McMillan, and local poets Marty Smith and Emily Dobson (15 July), and we’re curious about Craig, Spirit Whisperer, and what messages he might bring from the other side that night at the Municipal Theatre.

We’re keen on hearing more risqué tales at the Speakeasy Burlesque, playing the Cabana as part of Winter Art Deco Weekend (14-16 July). While at the MTG on the Saturday morning, curator Charles Ropitini will sing us through the new He Manu Tiortiori exhibition on HB Māori jazz bands and waiata of the 1930s, sharing stories of days in the villages of Ngāti Kahungungu.

For more ballads, tunes, we’ll be heading to the The Bads’ Losing Heroes Tour at the Old Mill on 14 July.

If you can’t bear to leave your own hearth, you can always ‘turn up the heat’ and participate in the Hastings District Libraries’ online winter reading challenge for adults, with 12 fun ways to approach a book, and prizes.

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