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We’re looking forward to erupting out of our winter cocoons and hanging with friends as the season moves towards a lighter, brighter self. Live music makes for a satisfying transition from inside to out, from self to others. Big sounds light up dark skies. Musicians, taken over by their instruments, interrupt the quiet of winter. Attitude, sweat, thrumming, writhing, heat up the cold night air.

Not that we always choose to dance and in fact Sundays’ upcoming Reb Fountain Sitting Room Session will be a sit-down-shut-up-and-listen affair. And we’re down with that!

Tonight Revolutionary Arts Ensemble plays Kung Fu Jazz at Common Room.  If you haven’t seen these guys it’s a pinch-me-moment! More instruments, implements, accessories and cryptic bits of equipment than the hot shot bot jocks at Rocket Lab!

This weekend also sees the beautiful voices and dynamic chemistry of The Grawlixes at Common Room. They’ve been before but they deserve a second look and their harmonies and lyrics are blissful antidote to the winter blues.

Cabana is warming us right up later in the month with the father of travelling troubadours Hammond Gamble on 29 July and Swamp Thing on 5 August. Then a massive double header at Common Room cranks up the temperature in time for Spring real: Looking for Alaska and Albi and the Wolves on 19 August.

Get off the couch, get into the groove, move your body, or just sit there and soak up the sounds.

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