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We’re looking forward to getting down to earth with a couple of very special pottery shows coming up. Keirunga Potters is presenting a show of works from students out of the Otago Polytech Ceramic Arts course. Still at the beginning of their career these artists are currently showing work collectively as part of Keramika on until 16 September at the Hastings Community Arts Centre. Overlapping this is a retrospective from legendary potters Bruce and Estelle Martin. These two are highly regarded as pioneers of Anagama pottery in New Zealand. Their show is Wood Fired Pots from the Kamaka Collection at Parlour Projects from 6-21 September. SPA_CE Gallery consistently exhibits object art that salutes New Zealand’s strong history of ceramics and pottery. Common Era, Vanessa Arthur’s show is currently on there until 9 Sept. Once it closes we’ll be keeping an eye out for future shows featuring our material culture, so often satisfyingly bridging the space between art and craft.

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